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Los Angeles gets all the rain, while I get to stand in cold wind while being blinded by bright sunlight. At least some of the clouds moved away from the mountains today and decorated other parts of the sky for a while. I'm still looking forward to getting some more actual water from those clouds though. The moss on the mulberry tree's trunk has withered away to practically nothing, and the lawns are getting brown patches again. I have no intention of irrigating the lawns when the levels of the local reservoirs are so low. And not a flake of snow on the mountains. Disaster might loom.

Why have I never before heard of the Amazon customer reviews of "Tuscan Whole Milk", which now number nearly a thousand? For example, Sam says:
"i'm a poor college student and i can't afford the full "brand new" tuscan whole milk price. would anyone be willing to put up some "used" tuscan whole milk at a more reasonable rate?"
Jay Fitzsimmons has this question:
"Has anyone else tried pouring this stuff over dry cereal? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!"
But not everyone has a positive experience with this product. Here's the review by a K. Peterson of "Oregon":
"This product gave me diarrhea. My brother got cholera, my mom got the measles and my sister broke her arm. Soon after, we lost a wagon wheel and a thief stole 3 oxen."
Most surprising are some reviews that are thousands of words long, and seem to occasionally wander from the point. I wonder if the product has some psychoactive properties that induce logorrhea? But check them out and decide for yourself.

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