rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Rushy

Another advantage to having the house next door vacant is that, on chilly days such as this was, I don't have to deal with fireplace smoke drifting in my window. Yes, I like to leave the window open for a while on certain chilly days. One thing I consider nearly as unpleasant as fireplace smoke is a stuffy room that's had no fresh air for days on end. Thus I must periodically open the windows for an hour or two regardless of how cold the outdoors is. Today actually wasn't half bad (probably about 60 degrees F), but it induced the neighbor across the street to build himself a fire and the smoke from it was drifting northward close to the ground (oh, low level inversion layer!) indicating that, had the house next door had a fire in its fireplace, their smoke would have headed straight into my room. Yay for having no neighbors.

The overcast sky this afternoon was particularly splendid as the sun moved west and burnished the gray to silver. It was a nice change from the recent clarity, and I hope there'll be more of it. It's almost rain. And that air is absolutely, prefectly autumn fresh now, the perfect external complement to the hot tea I just drank.

And now back to my regularly scheduled Not the Internet tasks.

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