rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When for a while it cleared last night I went out and there where the mulberry tree's foliage lately blocked the night sky I saw Orion and, within seconds it seemed, three swift meteors streaking before him. It was serendipity, as ten more minutes of watching were not rewarded by so much as a single additional meteor.

And the rain we all expected might come by today now will not come at all. There was clarity to the air here and haze above the valley, and the sunset was red, but there were no clouds and will probably be none for days. I'm wanting rain again and there it isn't. It barely seems like November, except for those early and late hours when the few yellowed leaves remaining on the remaining oaks catch the sun's low light and transmute it to gold. Then I think more of hot tea than of ice cream. Yes, rain would be nice.

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