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The Leonid Meteor Shower is supposed to be peaking tonight. Unfortunately we've got an intermittent overcast here, so the sky is apt to be veiled. It's cold out, too, so I don't know that it would be worth my while to haul out the chaise and watch. I did see a couple of brief flashes scar Orion last night, but I didn't linger outside long then either. I don't deal as well with the night chill now as I once did.

Other news from the Internets: I remember a street in Covina called Lark Ellen Avenue. I used to see the exit sign from the freeway as we passed by. I never thought much about the name, but tonight the Internet churned up the news that it was named for a famous soprano who retired to the area in the 1920s. "Lark Ellen" was the sobriquet of Ellen Beach Yaw, who lived until 1947. I'm a bit surprised that I'd never known of her before. I'm also just a bit disappointed that they didn't name the street Yaw Avenue. Yaw is a funny name.

Useful-ish link: Film Reference. I'm not entirely pleased with the way the individual pages are arranged (filmographies and such seem a bit disordered), but it's way faster and, I suspect, more thorough than IMDb is for those areas in which their subjects overlap—primarily information about individual actors, directors, and films, etc.—beside being refreshingly free of those graphics-fat ads that contribute so much chaos to IMBd pages.

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