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Chop [Nov. 16th, 2007|11:04 pm]
Another oak tree is going away. This one I'll miss even more than the others that have been removed over the years, as it is one of the last I can see from my window. It's too far off to provide shade at any time other than very late on a summer evening, but I'll certainly miss the sight of it against the sky. Today its lesser branches were all removed, taking with them its remaining autumn foliage. Now it is nothing but a huge trunk and half a dozen large branches rising from the lesser plants around it.

Tomorrow the last of it will be taken down. It must have been there for as much as a century, being part of the second growth forest which replaced the ancient trees harvested around 1900, after a branch line of the railroad was extended here. It was certainly older than any of the buildings within a mile. Older than the people who are having it cut down, too, and it could easily have outlived them by another century and more. Maybe that's why they decided it had to go. Can't have trees outliving us and blabbing our secrets to future generations of squirrels and deer.

Something else that's been taken down is the Tower's Tower (and the marquee to boot) seen in this old photograph from one of the small towns in the valley. The remainder of the building was to be converted to a church, but there's no news on whether that will actually happen. I suspect that the damaged structure will simply be taken down completely before long. I wonder what our future Alien Robot Overlords will make of a species that has no more respect for its own artifacts than it does for the natural world from which it springs? Snausages, perhaps. Bon appétit, Rags.