rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It is November and I have a Pomegranate. I declare this to be NaPoEaMo (National Pomegranate Eating Month!) Oh, the tangy deliciousness! Oh, the recalcitrant peel! Oh, the tiny but tough seeds (way more fiber than any colon ever was made to handle!) Oh, the frustrating need for patience in consuming them! Oh, the indelible stains! Wicked, tempting, irresistible Pomegranate, you are the Devil's own ball (left one, I'm guessing!) How do I endure the dull months when Pomegranates are absent from the markets? How do I endure the horrors and delights I face with the Pomegranate's autumnal arrival? Why am I wasting time asking questions when I have a Pomegranate?!


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