rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It seems that, in autumn, whenever Southern California bursts into flames, we here in the northern Sierra enjoy pleasantly balmy days and pleasantly cool nights. It's an ill wind, etc.

Still, hearing that the fires are burning always makes me nostalgic for Los Angeles. I was always fascinated by the lurid crimson skies whenever the great burnings took place, and the soft falls of gray ash which spotted the pavements. I don't miss the smell of it though.

Here the air is fresh and clear, and filled with the sounds of the birds who spend the afternoons pecking the lawns or fetching acorns or other nuts now appearing on the trees. I'm glad they remain unburned.

Certain research libraries snub Google's and Microsoft's book digitizing plans, deciding instead to make their collections available online through the Open Content Alliance. Interestingly, Yahoo is backing the Alliance. Oooh, I sense a Search Giant Pissing Contest! That should be interesting.

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