rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The aged parents aren't feeling well again, so I'm being kept even busier than usual. Autumn weather is still asserting itself, so there are lots of clouds to look at when I get free moments to go out, and there have even been a few bursts of bright sunlight as the clouds have drifted by. The lawn is turning quite green and the dogwoods are turning quite red. There are not yet enough fallen leaves to necessitate daily raking, fortunately. At nightfall I went out and saw the waxing crescent moon glowing amid vaporous veils. Later, after I'd gone indoors, the gray cat appeared and hopped onto the soft chair on the back porch for a nap. The gray cat has time for such things. I've got laundry to do now.

How did I never before hear of the guy at Blogger who posts photos of people touching his belly? And why can such things even be?

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