rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So, those teeth in my head are still managing to be a pain in the ass from all that distance. There's a failing inlay that needs to be replaced, so I've gotten it scheduled for early November. I know it could have been worse (root canal, extractions, more crowns), but it's still annoying. No matter how much I brush and floss and rinse, those teeth just keep on falling apart. I blame Nabisco.

A gray kitty which Sugar (or I myself) used to run off the property periodically has apparently won the contest among the local cats to see which one gets to claim my now-catless yard as its own territory. Last night the gray kitty slept on a chair on the back porch for about four hours. There's no point in running it off anymore since I have no cat for it to fight. I let it nap, and it didn't spot me through the window until about five in the morning. Then it looked at me for a minute and decided I wasn't a threat and began washing itself. Half an hour later I noticed it was gone. I think it's happy to have a fenced, dogless place protected from the rain and featuring a chair with a comfy pillow for a nap. It will probably be back from time to time.

More rain is expected tonight. I got wet going to the dentist's office. That was the best part of the trip. Intermittent rain is predicted through the week. I might continue to enjoy it. If it goes on longer than that I might start to get annoyed.

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