rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Drizzle again, which is nice, but I'd like to have enough rain that I can hear it once in a while. There were almost sun showers late in the afternoon, but the clouds never quite lined up properly. There were probably sun showers a few blocks away. Not everybody can have them all the time.

Time waster: Flickr Combat. Meaningless competition between photos of a given type. If you do cat combat, it will frequently be impossible to decide which kitty is more appealing. If you do guy combat it will frequently be impossible to decide which guy is more repellent.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for having things stuck in my mouth. And I have to pay for it! When I'm done my teeth will be cleaner, though. There's also the annual checkup, which I hope goes well. Fact is I can't afford to get anything filled or capped or whatever right now.

What am I still doing on the computer at this hour?

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