rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Despite a few hours of sunlight and milder temperatures today, the yard never fully dried out. There were still damp areas as night fell. It's nice to see the lawns getting so green again, though, and the sourgrass coming back to life and putting out lots of little purple blossoms. The day was warm enough to bring out the bees, too, and I nearly had another one try to drown itself in my cup of orange juice, which I was drinking while getting some sun on the back porch. I covered the cup, and the bee departed without drowning itself and without stinging me. I'd call that a successful day. I'm so easily pleased anymore.

Something I find odd is that some people have started a movement to draft Al Gore to run for President again. I wonder why? After all, we elected him President in 2000, and since then the world's just gone to hell in a hand basket. But then maybe Al Gore isn't really to blame. Maybe everything that's gone wrong really is all Bill Clinton's fault.

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