rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So the predicted rain came early and exceeded expectations. There were a couple of hours of pleasant pattering on the roof, and then the sky opened and dropped what seemed to be a season's worth of rain in an hour. It went on and on, overflowing the house's rain gutters, until the flower bed by the front door became a pond, and the back lawn was inundated, and the noise was so loud that I gave up trying to listen to anything other than the rain.

When the furious downpour relented, allowing the night to regain some of its serenity, I went out for a while to enjoy the darkly glistening landscape and to smell the cleansed air. The drought may not have ended, but this storm has surely soaked the ground enough that the last brown patches on the lawn will be replaced by fresh green within a day or two—just in time to provide a proper setting for the mass of leaves which are about to fall. I could hardly have been happier had the storm brought a Fortean downpour of fishes or filberts.

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