rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The transitional days are the most interesting to watch. Yesterday was warm and sunny, tomorrow will have clouds and maybe rain. Today had warm sunlight and ever-cooler breezes, and the pearly haze which turned the valley's sky vague at noon became by evening a stretch of gray clouds obscuring all the blue sky but that far to the north. The birds hurried away at dusk's approach, leaving the rustling and skittering leaves, the humming pines, and a pair of harmonizing cicadas the only natural sounds to challenge the noise of homeward-bound cars. Now the chilly night air smells of woodsmoke and the sky is without stars. I stay out only a moment, then sneeze and go indoors. I sit and imagine the green shoots of grass soon to erase the traces of brown summer. Autumn grows stronger. I am pleased.

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