rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A perfectly mild day arrives and brings with it a number of small black flies of some sort. The odd thing is the flies are indoors, and they do little flying. They hang about the windows, crawling on the screens, looking for the way out. I held the screens open for a few of them, with only modest success. Most of them couldn't find the open end and just kept crawling across the screen. A couple found their way out and quickly vanished from my view, dropping groundward in what looked like a controlled crash rather than soaring as one might expect a flying insect to do.

I have no idea what species they are, but they aren't houseflies. They are about a quarter of an inch long, and their translucent wings look too small to carry their bodies. Maybe that's why they don't fly very well. I don't recall ever seeing them in earlier years. I poked around on teh Internets to see if I could find out what they are, but there are way too many species of small flying insects that appear in early autumn for me to search through them to find mine. Who knew?

For those of us not flies trapped in houses, the perfectly mild day was a pleasant opportunity to shed some clothing and do outdoor things such as rake leaves. So far there aren't so many leaves and I haven't dealt with them so frequently day after day that raking them becomes an onerous chore. In a month or so I'll be displeased by all the dead leaves needing to be raked, but now they are still a seasonal novelty. I made a nice little pile of them and let it be. No need to compost it yet. I like looking at it. Autumn, just sitting there.

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