rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I don't know if it was the fifth slice of pizza or the second bottle of beer or maybe I'm becoming narcoleptic, but as soon as dinner was over I was out like a carp for two hours. Now I'll never catch up with today. I guess I'll write it off, as I've done with most days lately.

Now that there's no cat here for the first time in twenty years, the neighborhood's various outdoor kitties are apparently bickering over who gets to claim the newly available territory. I've heard cat fights three nights running. I hope they come to a decision eventually. The yowling is quite distressing.

Everything that happens is fragmentary episodes connected by no arc of story these days. Oh, wait. That's normal reality. I forgot for a minute because I'm so accustomed to living in a fantasy world. Everything that happens is so real these days.
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