rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's rain and then it isn't rain, but it's definitely damp. It was damp all day, even when the sun shone. It's damp now, and the insects are silent.

Lots of green leaves are rising from the brown clumps of last springs sourgrass, and the first purple blossoms have joined them. Meanwhile, the dogwood leaves are darkening to the deep red they turn before becoming bright red.

The landscape going all autumnal is something I always enjoy watching, but this year my schedule is catawampus and I'm getting up too late in the day, plus I'm being kept so busy, that I haven't had much time to watch it.

I'm writing mini-paragraphs so this entry will look longer than it really is. Yeah, it's pathetic.

Accidentally found (another time eater): The Daily Mirror, a Los Angeles Times weblog featuring stories published fifty years ago each day. Named after the late (as of 1962) companion paper of the Times, the Los Angeles Mirror.

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