rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It grows more autumnal, new color emerging from the leaves, the air noticeably crisper with evening's arrival. There was a brief time this afternoon when I sat in the sun and grew warm almost to the point of discomfort, but moving to a shady spot quickly disposed of the illusion that summer might be lingering yet.

It was while I was heating that a bee tried to drown itself in my orange juice. I suppose I could take that as an omen, but I think it's just evidence that bees can be pretty stupid. I can be pretty stupid, myself, so I won't further mock the bee. I tossed the juice and the drenched apid onto the lawn. The creature was still living at the time, but I didn't go back later to check on it, to see if it managed to recover sufficiently to depart. I felt bad about having unintentionally tempted it with a tasty beverage in what turned out to be a hazardous cup.

Tomorrow is already the last day of September. I think I missed most of the month. Maybe October will be easier to pay attention to.

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