rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The gardenia bush has decided to produce a few more flowers. One has lately bloomed and a couple more buds are waiting to open should the mild weather continue. I'm not fond of the gardenia's overpowering fragrance in the spring when the bush is covered in white blossoms, but in early fall the unexpected presence of a faint whiff of its perfume on the night breeze is quite pleasant. In fact the combination of gardenia perfume, mild air and the soft chirping of crickets (lately returned after an absence of a couple of weeks) has made it seem briefly like spring again. I find myself thinking I might like a few fresh cherries, and then remember that the cherries are gone for the year. A spring night in September turns out to induce a vague disappointment and restlessness. I have isn't-even-spring fever I guess.

Head successfully yanked, by the way. Now, with luck (and being careful), Ill have a couple of weeks of minimal discomfort until my neck begins displacing itself again. Ah, the wonders of aging.

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