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Warm [Sep. 26th, 2007|10:36 pm]
Late-summery balminess having fully returned, the various beasts were out in large numbers today, both on land and in the air. I expected the squirrels to collect the hazardous fallen nuts from the back lawn, but they merely knocked more down from the tree as they scampered up and down the limbs. They pick more nuts for me than they do for themselves. The birds don't, though. They grab what they can and fly away. If they drop any, it's elsewhere. Maybe someday my walnut tree will have a scattered forest of descendants planted by the obliging birds.

Tomorrow is a head yanking day once again, and just in barely time. My neck has been getting creakier the last few days. Looking up to check for changing colors on the leaves may have something to do with that. Autumn is definitely a neck hazard.

Found in the L.A. Library's digital photo collection: Flappers washing dogs! Los Angeles has always been a strange place.