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Random Stuff [Sep. 20th, 2007|09:39 pm]
The newspaper predicted scattered showers today, so of course the perverse, scattered clouds refused to provide even a drop of rain. There were squirrels, though, running up and down the trees, making lots of noise. They had not been predicted, but failed to surprise me nevertheless. A cool afternoon with bright sunlight is exactly the time I'd expect squirrels to go running up and down the trees. It's exactly when I'd be doing it, if I had the claws and the energy.

Lacking claws and energy (and such an abundance of free time), I merely watched the squirrels for a while and then caused laundry to become clean in a large machine in the garage. Later, I filled my head with stuff that wasn't real but came bubbling up from my dissatisfied subconscious I suppose.

I found this: The Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield, Nevada, closed since 1945. A few years ago some guy bought it for $360,000 at a tax sale. That's about what you'd pay for a small house in many places. Of course without major investment it will fall down, but still. Here's a nice black and white photo of it at Flickr, too. It looks like being there might be like walking into a Hopper streetscape. I think you'd have to pay way more than $360,000 for one of those these days too, if one became available. I couldn't afford either one. They're nice to look at though.