rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I find that I have nothing to say about the near-perfect weather. Its just there, like the nightly buzz of insects who are unaware of the impending seasonal change which will silence them.

I've been busy doing laundry and further ruining my already partly ruined pillows (they say "Washable" on them but, even carefully following the instructions, what I end up with is lumpier—but better smelling—bundles of lumps than I started out with.)

Everything is snippets with me tonight. What's that about?

LJ still disagreeing with Opera so badly as to prevent me from logging in. I might have to upgrade. But should I upgrade to the latest version of Opera, or should I just upgrade to a different journaling site?

Speaking of which, 6 Apart's new CEO, Christopher J. Alden, blagued his thoughts about his promotion yesterday. So far no comments and no trackbacks. But look: he started his own Wikipedia entry!. Now that's the entrepreneurial spirit! He'll soon have plenty of readers, I'm sure! :p

As I'm posting this with Firefox and thus don't have Opera's handy spellcheck program, I'm not going to bother spellchecking at all.

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