rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Unreliable Internets

LiveJournal decided to declare war on Opera (the web browser, not the ever-semi-popular theatrical entertainment) today, so I couldn't log in without crashing my browser. This seems to happen almost every time they update the site's code these days. I've found that if I file a support request about it I get the usual song and dance, and then a short time later my latest entry will get an anonymous comment about people who are too stupid to update their browsers having no right to complain. Volunteer trolls. Heh. Typical 6A era LJness.

Anyway, I've finally had recourse to Firefox (which has problems of its own) but the hour is now late, so I'll wait until tomorrow to catch up with everything here. Today was the first really cool day in weeks, and the night is already turning chilly. It finally feels as though autumn is approaching. I'm ready for the change.

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