rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We were free of the stink of fire for only a few hours last night. It's been hanging around ever since. The newspaper published a dandy NOAA satellite photo showing the smoke plume spreading over the central valley of California and then bending back eastward to cover a vast swath of Nevada. I looked for the picture on teh Internets but can't find it. NOAA does have a crappy 8-frame animation showing the smoke spreading right around the fire itself here. Anyway, the fire is up to about 30,000 acres now, and only about 10% contained, so it's apt to be with us for days and days yet, even though it's no longer being driven by winds. Given the density of smoke in the air I ought not exercise outdoors this evening, but my joints will stiffen up if I don't walk for at least a little while. The smoke being least dense about dusk, I'm going out to walk until I start hacking.

No apparent improvement in the cat, and I still haven't called the vet. Cat has a lame leg, I have a paralysis of the will. We'd probably both be better off consumed by the flames.

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