rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So the Saturday morning meteor shower was a bust. Even though the sky here cleared nicely I saw not so much as a single distinguishable streak of light cross the heavens, despite staying out for two hours. The neighbors across the street had left their porch light on again, and it was on all night. (Only today did I realize that they are gone for the holiday. Had I known, I could have gone over there and snatched their bulb to both darken the night and teach them a lesson.) Anyway, what with that porch light and the gibbous moon, the front yard was too bright for meteor watching, so I went out back where it was darker but where the area of visible sky is much smaller. I watched that ribbon of sky intently, to no avail. The Aurigids flaked.

Still the time I spent lying in the back yard was pleasant enough, the outdoor temperature having been in the balmy low seventies while the house remained close to eighty most of the night. I placed myself so my face was shielded from the direct moonlight by the foliage of the walnut tree, and facing northeast I saw the other trees rising around the yard drenched with that moonlight. Despite the absence of meteors it was a delightful scene. I took advantage of the relative coolness to irrigate some of the plants, so there was also the sound of trickling water adding to the atmosphere, and the scent of soil that was dampened for the first time in days. It was all so relaxing that I'm surprised I didn't nod off as I did during the Perseids a couple of weeks ago. So, while the meteor shower was a bust I can't say the hours were misspent. One or two little meteors would have been nice, though.

Today was torrid again, of course, but utterly cloudless and thus likely to cool substantially once night falls. I might go out and watch for meteors again even though none are expected.

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