rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Sultry

I've had the thermostat set at 84 degrees most of the afternoon and evening. Given the poor insulation in this house, that's about the temperature at which the air conditioner will cycle on and off every ten minutes or so. It keeps the rooms moderately hellish, while outdoors the heat-blasted plants wither and turn brown. This weather pattern will continue through the weekend, at least. This is definitely in the running to be named the most unpleasantly torrid summer in a decade.

If tonight is anything like last night then there will be a gathering of clouds to hold in the heat and (just as bad) block my view of the Aurigid meteors, should there be any. They are supposed to peak around four o'clock in the morning Pacific time, which is just about when the clouds were at their thickest yesterday morning. Late summer nights are supposed to be clear and cool here. I don't like the tropical weather poking its way into the temperate zone, no, not one bit.

I had to take an hour this morning to reestablish my fast Internet connection with AT&T. There was a screwup involving a switching of numbers and the connection went away when the modem apparently got confused, and I ended up talking to a guy with a South Asian accent and the name Carlos. Clever, but I'm a Californian and I know what a Hispanophonic accent sounds like. Oh, goodness gracious, yes!

The cat seems to be neither better nor worse again today. Like me, she's caught in the summer doldrums. We both need a change, and the sooner the better.

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