rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Crappy Bedside Manner

The cat has decided to worry me again. I finally managed to give her the first dose of one of her medications about three o'clock yesterday morning. It was rough. I had to hold her down and get a milliliter of viscous liquid into her mouth using a little pumpy syringe-like thing, and she resisted and squirmed and protested. It took several squeezes of the pump, and we were both distraught by the time it was done (and several drops of the stuff clung to her fur and the rug and my shirt, so she didn't even get the full dose.) She then went back under the furniture and, though she's been out a couple of times to stagger over to her water dish, she'll have nothing to do with me, and she hasn't eaten a single bite of her food since. She was eating pretty well Monday. I wonder if the unpleasant dosing with antibiotic has left her so traumatized that she's gone anorexic again?

She's an unlucky kitty, I guess. I really bite at taking care of sick animals. She's overdue for her second dose of antibiotic by six hours now, and I didn't manage to get the other medication (a steroid pill) down her at all. If she had chosen a different person to live with she'd probably have been better off. She either wouldn't be sick or she'd be getting better care. Now I have to traumatize her again by shooting the second dose into her mouth at the first opportunity. Between the two meds, I'll have to do this two or three times a day for almost two weeks. Kitty will hate my guts before this is over, and (if she even survives) will probably never trust me again. I can't blame her.

Last night, what with waiting around for the cat to become available for medicating (without forcibly dragging her from her hiding spot), and me being groggy due to all the recent disruptions of what remains of my sleep schedule, I missed the early part of the lunar eclipse. It was about half an hour past totality when I finally got the chance to go out and look. The moon was still quite red, but already had a bright crescent along the edge. I watched for a while and then went in to check on the cat and feel miserable about having traumatized her. I hope I have better luck with the possible meteor shower early Saturday morning. Even more, I hope I soon get better at medicating that poor cat, and that she'll eat something soon.

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