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Cat Survives, Moon Vanishes [Aug. 27th, 2007|10:28 pm]
The cat has gotten another reprieve. She was pronounced sufficiently improved that she had a good chance of recovering from whatever underlying chronic illnesses she might have. I don't know if this will be a boon to her or not. She must remain indoors for at least two more weeks, and I'd prefer that she become a house cat altogether. However, the house is not that secure. There's no telling if I'll be able to remain here much longer. So, not only must the cat give up, at least temporarily, the outdoors she loves so much, but she could end up homeless someday soon anyway. And, in the meantime, she is going to have the unpleasant experience of getting pills and liquid medications stuffed into her mouth as often as thrice daily. Still, the worst has not yet happened, and I'm glad she'll be around at least a bit longer.

What with the morning appointment at the vet's and the disruption to my schedule and the weird sleep patterns I'm now pretty much punch drunk, and have no idea when I'll be back to normal, whatever normal my now be for me. Tonight, I intend to try to stay awake for the Total Lunar Eclipse! I only found out about it today, so distracted have I been.

I also found out only today that there might be a rare outburst of the Aurigid Meteor Shower early in the morning of September 1. This is something that happens very seldom, and it's likely that the weather here will still be mild and clear that night, so I'll be watching—if I can stay awake.