rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I've been dealing with a sick kitty since early this morning, and I'm showing the signs of insufficient sleep. The kitty gets to see the vet tomorrow. I have never once managed to get this cat to the vet without suffering multiple scratches. She hates both cat carriers and cars. And she's not too fond of vets, either. I doubt that her being sick is going to make her any easier to handle. This is going to be great non-fun. How does a seven-pound cat of some fifteen years manage to be such a handful?

Also, it's hotter than whatever is really hot again today. And despite my head-yanking having gone well yesterday, I'm feeling fairly crappy myself—though nowhere near as crappy as the cat feels, I'd say. Poor kitty. Even if she comes through this illness, I'm sure she won't be around much longer. She's the last kitty in the house. I'll miss her.

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