rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got the room well vacuumed today. It had dawned on me that the heat is probably not the only reason the place has been stuffy recently. There's probably a pound or two of dust mite poop hanging about in here too. There's nothing I can do about my mattress for the moment, which is also likely loaded with the stuff, but in addition to the vacuuming I could wash my pillows. That might help. Anyway,the place has gotten the best hoovering rogering hoovering it's had in months. But I still prefer to be outside.

My head-yanking appointment has been moved up from Thursday to tomorrow. I must spend less time in front of the computer tonight, relaxing instead so I can loosen up the various and sundry muscles that will be involved in the yanking process. I've found that a head yanking goes much more smoothly if I don't use the computer too much and aggravate anything in my neck the night before.

Wish I had watermelon.
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