rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Lash Me to the Mast!

The weirdest thing about having fast Internets is that, the computer being connected all the time, I'm constantly tempted to look at it. It's like having one of the Sirens in my room, forever singing. Check your e-mail! Check LJ! Find a video to watch! Look at tens of times as many photos of vanished scenes than you've ever seen in one day before! Post a one-line entry to your journal! (I resisted until moments ago.) Oh, why did no one warn me of the seductive nature of the fast Internets? Until now, with dial-up, I've only licked the bright red skin of the apple. Now I've sunk my teeth into its juicy, crisp flesh! I am doomed! I am damned! I am late!

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