rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Telephone guy came today and did something to the box on the side of the house and then left without checking on the results of what he had done, and now our service is all catawampus. The phone number has been changed, though it wasn't supposed to be, and one extension phone we use frequently is utterly dead. All this has to do with impending (finally!) DSL installation.

All the instructions are on a CD ROM I've yet to examine. I begin to suspect that a virtual can of worms is now opening. Were I to open the can by day, or even too early in the evening, the worms would stand a good chance of being roasted alive in this heat. I intend to wait until the room cools as much as it's likely to cool, which means I'll get around to dealing with it at four or five in the morning. I called the telephone company and refused to press touch-tone buttons and so finally got to complain to somebody alive but probably in India, and now the telephone guy is supposed to be back tomorrow, and I don't want the house to smell of roasted canned worms. That's always so embarrassing.

I hope all the complicated issues surround DSL-ization can be dealt with in a timely manner. I'm tired of sitting and waiting while the Internets come dribbling through that tiny orifice that ordinary dial-up provides. I want to steal BIG files, like everybody else! I'm so nervous I can barely eat my own esophagus with my acid reflux!

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