rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, noes!!! Not another post about the heat!?!

Mmmm, grilled human on toasted lawn furniture. A tasty treat for the summer to eat. But I won't be eaten. As I nod, a bee strolls along the back of my hand and wakes me. I take refuge from the sun while yet only half cooked. Thanks, bee.

Hotter again today, and terribly still. Even the evening air was like a weight, and only a pair of jays stirred the leaves on the sagging mulberry tree. I watched the last sunlight lift off from the bright tips of the pines and flee down the western sky. Good riddance, I said.

Bright moon is up, and the earth is slowly surrendering the heat, yet morning will probably break before the wide-flung windows gulp sufficient fresh air to cool the house. I'm going to turn off the lights and sit in silence imagining that I'm a beetle crawling on cool blades of grass in some freshly watered lawn. I won't imagine being eaten by a night bird. After all, the sun didn't get me, and what's a bird next to the sun?

In unweather news, I got a spam e-mail at my almost entirely spam-free main address. The e-mail consisted of a link with the words "". It was from somebody named Paul@hummelsnissan. I deleted it and Googled. Turns out that Hummel's Nissan is a car dealership in Des Moines, Iowa. I wonder why they (assuming their e-mail address hasn't been hijacked) would be sending spam to someone in California? Even if I were in the market for a car I couldn't buy one that wasn't fitted out with California-grade smog control devices, which I doubt they sell in Iowa. In addition to that, I keep picturing a dealership where the staff consists of diminutive porcelain figurines speaking in a midwestern accent. It's a disturbing image.

Also, via daisydumont, a grammatically correct LolCat. I see that the cat has a degree from the University of Iowa. I wonder if it is connected in any way with Hummel's Nissan?

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