rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Probably not what I intended to say, but the heat has made me dopey

Not only did the gardenia bush sprout a second crop of about a dozen flowers this year, but there were about ten fresh daisies blooming after the rest had died, and now a good-sized patch of the jasmine hedge is covered in new blossoms—though they are so faintly scented that I have to stick my face almost against them to smell them at all. The strange summer continues.

Today the clouds came back, pale and feathery and thin, and at sunset they flowered with vivid color before turning dark and faux foreboding. The days grow hotter again too, and though the lingering clouds remain thin tonight they still manage to hold in too much of the day's heat.

I waited for deep twilight before taking a few turns around the back yard, vainly hoping for a bit more cooling. The gibbous moon escaped the grasping silhouettes of the pines, but found Venus wreathed in vapors. As I walked, some small creature startled at my footfalls scurried into the cover of the azalea plants. I wonder if it's cooler there, or if it's just stuffier? Well, I'm too big to find out for myself, and the scurrying creature won't talk to me I'm sure. I guess I'll never know.

I now intend to devour at least a quarter of that watermelon I've got chilling in the refrigerator. Maybe things will make more sense after I do that.

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