rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Early this morning I saw clouds that looked like seismograph tracks written across the sky. For afternoon the vapors confined themselves to the more conventional swooping and feathery shapes of standard cirrus clouds. Toward evening they decided to mass in the west, and managed to put on quite a nice display of stormy threat, though I'm sure the threat will prove to have been empty, at least in my immediate locality. I wouldn't be surprised to hear distant thunder rolling about the mountains tonight.

All the crickets in my yard are apparently dead. I hear them chirping in neighboring yards, but mine is silent. This may be one of the consequences of not irrigating enough. At dusk I like to sit in the backyard and feel the mist of my neighbor's lawn sprinkler cool the air, and listen to their crickets. Drought tolerant gardens have their disadvantages.

Getting late. Shower.

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