rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Frank, please eat Sluggo

Sluggo has been an extraordinarily bad computer all night. I also wasted a great deal of the time that I was able to use Satan's digital offspring. The Excite network has gone completely to hell, and I can't get to my e-mail in-box. I want to send changes of address to the various and sundry publications to which I willingly subscribe. I want them to go to my more dependable Juno mailbox, or to the new mailbox I have gotten at Lycos. But I can't get into the Excite in-box to make the changes. Humph.

And I am once again seeing Frank the Goat on the login page as mauve. Pale mauve, to be sure, but not grey! Just weird.

My apologies to everyone for my failure to respond to the comments you have made on my posts for the last couple of days. What with my limited time on line, and Sluggo's misbehavior, I haven't been able to get around to them. So, a universal Thanks for your comments.

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