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When I don't get the first good watermelon of the season until the middle of July, something's wrong. So far this year most of the fruit hasn't been very good. I've had only one cantaloupe that I'd call tasty, most were bland, and some didn't even manage to reach mediocrity. Most of the avocados have had a woody taste and an unpleasantly slippery texture. There hasn't been a decent casaba in the markets, so I haven't even bothered to buy one yet. The only cherries we've had tasted flat and were a bit pulpy. So, after two watermelons that were both rubbery and lacking in flavor, I was reluctant to try another, but there wasn't anything else that looked any better so I got a small one, and it turned out to be quite decent. It's about time. I don't know what happened to the fruit crops this year, but whatever it was I hope it doesn't happen again.

The heat has been less intense for the last couple of days, but I still find myself in the summer doldrums, lacking in energy and prone to losing focus. When my mind wanders I'm further likely to drop off to sleep. Coupled with the fact that the old folks require more attention during the hot spells, I'm left with less free time and then I spend much of that doping off. I'd never make it through July without buckets of iced tea.

Some furniture was moved in to the house across the street today. The place has been vacant for a few months. At first it was for sale, but then the for sale sign came down and for several weeks there were workmen there daily, fixing things up. I have no idea if the house had sold or if the old owners just took it off the market and decided to have it renovated. I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when the renovations ended and a for rent sign went up. Well, it isn't a sellers market around here anymore, so maybe I ought not to have been so surprised. Whoever owns the place now probably hopes for a market recovery sometime soon. I doubt they'll get one. But in any case the place appears to be rented now, but I didn't see who was moving things into the house today. No actual people have moved in yet, just stuff. The people might come tomorrow. I'll be interested to see who they are. I'm hoping for ax murderer. We desperately need some excitement around here.

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