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I didn't remember that it was 07/07/07 until it was most of the way to not being 07/07/07 anymore. Not that it's a big deal this far into the century, since we've already had everything from 01/01/01 to 06/06/06, and 08/08/08 through 12/12/12 are coming up. I get jaded about once-in-a-century calender events when another one comes up every year.

It's still hot, but one of the nice things about it being hot on Saturdays is that everybody in the neighborhood either goes off to the river or one of the lakes or an air conditioned mall in Chico, or else they just lurk in their houses with the shades drawn (as I did), and the town gets very peaceful. I go out early in the afternoon on days like this—just for a few minutes, as I don't want to be getting heat stroke—and enjoy the quiet. It's me and the birds and the bugs, and the distant hum of air conditioners. Not mine, though. I left mine off all day, since the night is going to be much cooler than recent nights have been, and I'll be able to cool the house down enough by leaving the windows open.

In fact it began cooling soon after sunset, and the town lost its serenity for a while when all the kids who'd been trapped indoors all day came out to screech and fling Frisbees about or whatever it is that kids do these days when they want to make noise in the dusk. They're gone now, back in front of their TV sets or their computers, so the night is quiet again. The only thing disturbing the tranquility is the smell of skunk, which has lingered too long to be the result of a random spraying. It must be leaking from a road-killed varmint somewhere not to distant. Poor skunk. It's missing the nicest night in a week.

Also, I have a package of Necco wafers. Nostalgia for the taste buds. I'm guessing I'll survive the night.

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