rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

July as Usual

Satan has left open the north gate to Hell (it's very near Sacramento) once again. It's going to be too hot around here for me to be doing much of anything for the next several days. Even though I've had the air conditioner on for two hours my brain remains sluggish and unresponsive.

I've heard a couple of bottle rockets this evening. There are always a few dolts around who don't quite grasp that this place is just waiting to explode into flames at the drop of a cracker. May thirsty mountain lions who've come into town in search of water devour the dolts.

Power failure is likely here in this weather, even by night when the demand for electricity has fallen. When it's hot, oaks sometimes drop branches hollowed out by carpenter ants, and these slice the wires. Also, revelers getting a drunken advance on the holiday are apt to take down power poles. Off with the computer, then. I have to turn the air conditioner off and the house is going to heat back up again anyway, so I'm going out to be eaten alive by insects.

July just isn't one of the enjoyable months around here.

Also, so long, Bubbles, and thanks for all the music.

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