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Quiet [Jun. 25th, 2007|09:17 pm]
The neighbors finished building their new fence this afternoon, so there was no smell of sawdust on the air this evening. There was not much scent of any sort on the air this evening. Almost all the jasmine blossoms have turned brown and dropped off. They bloomed almost a month early this year and now are vanishing about two weeks early. Late June's nights have lost their exoticism.

Other flowers currently withering include the oleanders and the sourgrass. The arid heat turns the oleander petals brown and brittle soon after they fall from the flowers. The sourgrass plants are almost entirely dry. Last year I tried keeping them green a bit longer by watering them almost nightly. The result was a couple of extra weeks of green stems and a huge increase in the water bill. This year they're on their own.

One plant that's going to get all the water it wants is the peach tree. Its small branches are weighted down with green fruit. It's the biggest crop I've seen on it in years. That tree usually produces very tasty peaches, too. They might turn out to be one of this summer's redeeming features.