rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

We have to stop melting like this!

Some rearranging of furniture took place today, and time was thus consumed. Later, there were Internets viewed and more time was thus consumed. Following this, there was some cooking and some eating of cooked things, and thereby still more time was consumed. Everything that happened today ended up consuming time. Why does happening always do that? Anyway, even the long evening of the Summer Solstice did not avail me. Time remains not on my side. Now I'm back on teh Intarwebs when I ought to be washing away the hot day with a nice long shower. I'm stupid, maybe.

Oh, look! cinedude (shhhh) is all grumpy again about mistakes he found on teh Intarwebs. Heh. People are going to think he's as crotchety as the bug up his butt. Not my problem though. Nope, nothing to do with me.

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