rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Timed Out

Today I've spent too much time on all those fascinating Internets again, thus eating up all my LJ posting time. The most annoying thing is that all the time I spend on those Internets gives me all sorts of things I could be posting about, but the posts would be long and would take more time to write than I have left. Frustrating.

The day was a bit cooler than yesterday, though. I may not be forced to put myself in suspended animation for the summer just yet. And summer, by the way, begins very soon. The 21st is the solstice this year. Mere hours away! I think I'm supposed to sacrifice a goat or something but have none on hand. I always forget to stock up on goats! Well, I'll make do with downing an extra beer come midnight. I hope I don't get turned into a pillar of something unpleasant by some vengeful god or goddess. A pillar of AOL CDs, for example. ::shudder::

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