rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The waxing moon-sliver is made to appear brighter by the sky's gradual loss of sunlight. No matter how dark the sky grew the moon would never become as white as were by day the oleander blossoms now joining the sky in relative obscurity. We planted the oleanders several years ago, but this is the first year they've produced a large number of blossoms. I'd begun to think the soil lacking some crucial nutrient, so long had the five plants languished, barely growing and seldom producing more than two or three flowers apiece each spring. But this year they leaped up and flourished, finally giving some company to the trumpet vine which covers several feet of the back fence and each year sprouts more than a hundred bright orange and red, trumpet-shaped blossoms. At nightfall they slip into darkness sooner than the oleanders do.

The oleanders are now the very last flowers to vanish at night, as most of the jasmine flowers have turned brown. The jasmine hedge which hovered at the edge of sight like a ghost each night for the last several weeks is now becoming dimmer, and its deep green leaves will by the end of June be no more than another dark shape among the many night brings. By then the jasmine scent will have gone as well, and the warm nights will smell only of pine and of drying grass, unless some nearby lawn has been cut, or unless water is running through some dank bed of shrubs and sends forth the odor of wet soil and leaf mould. Spring's crickets are growing fewer, too, and before long the buzzing cicadas of summer will come. Everything proceeds the way it does. I keep thinking there'll be a surprise but none comes, not even an unexpected thunderstorm. How dull the transition from spring to summer is being.

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