rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

It's all a Blur

I broke one of the earpieces on my regular glasses and the stumps are not amenable to nerdly taping, and thus I must wear my reading glasses until I can get the others repaired or replaced. Less than perfect in rendering things more distant than arms length, the reading glasses give me an impressionist's view of the world. I now walk in a Bazillean haze, my mind's ear listening to remembered Debussy while (as dusk falls and the blurry world fades) small insects flutter against my face. They must know I'm nearly blind. I'll soon find out if any of them have drunk of my blood (as their cohorts have been doing on recent nights.) Thus far I do not itch in any new places, but I expect I will.

I've had a number of things I wanted to post lately, but I've either been too busy or, due largely to the heat, drained of energy. Too, the long evenings invite me outside to sit and vegetate. It's the growing season, after all. Even now, the crickets are chirping at me, perhaps scolding me for my key-taps, perhaps mocking me for not coming out to listen to them. I guess I'll go. What's a few more mosquito bites at this late stage?

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