rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tasty Treats

The small, pale spiders have been hanging out on the wall under my window sill every summer for years, but I think this is the first time I've ever seen one of them capture prey. A couple of hours ago I noticed a spider running in circles around a block dot, and suddenly realized that she was wrapping one of those tiny flying beetles—they look like miniature, black ladybugs, but can't fly as well—in her silk. The bug was flailing its legs about, to no avail. The spider kept running and running, and the bug's legs moved less and less as the silky bonds tightened around it. The bug's body was about the size of the spider's body minus its legs. I'm guessing the spider doesn't follow the rule of never eating anything bigger than your head.

I had to go away for a while and when I returned the packaged bug was gone and the spider back in its usual lurking place right under the sill. I doubt that the bug escaped, so the spider must have a larder somewhere in which to stash its captures. Either that or a bigger spider came along and stole it from her. Arachnids are a pretty grim lot, after all. Still, I enjoy having the little ones around to provide a bit of distraction. Right now I see another of the little black bugs crawling up the wall toward the spot where the spider lurks, so maybe there's going to be another capture... oh, wait. The bug just reached the sill and tried to climb onto it but took a sudden dive. Now it's on my desk. They don't walk much better than they fly, it seems.

Today was another very hot day, of course. I survived it with the help of icy drinks and as much slacking as I could get away with. So far we've not had recourse to the air conditioner this year. The electric bill is already large, and we'd like to put off bloating it further as long as possible.

I'm linking to this article only partly because the title pleases my Inner Beavis, but partly because it is actually interesting: The grind's almost over to forge two perfect balls. Hehheh.

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