rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It's almost too hot to do any walking this evening, but I need the exercise. A few years ago this much heat would have been no deterrent, but I grow less tolerant of the excesses of the Great Ball of Fire as I age. I'm becoming a meteorological curmudgeon. I'd write an angry letter complaining about the dire consequences of the tilt of the earth's axis, and about how foolish it was for the planet to develop such a tilt without having some sort of backup cooling system in place, but I know it would do no good. We're trapped! We're doomed! Sol would just as soon consume us all as though we were so much excess gas, and the earth couldn't care less!

Well, I have to go out and move around or my joints will seize up, and if I wait for the air to cool to where I find it comfortable then I'll lose the light of the Great Ball of Fire and I'll end up stumbling over something and breaking my neck. At least the Ball has now gotten down to the horizon so I won't be exposed to those direct rays which would cause me to burst into flame immediately. Not looking forward to summer, no.

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