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The kitty walked across the keyboard and unleashed havoc. Not only was my nearly-completed LJ post lost, but Microsoft wanted to make one of those reports which I'm convinced is just a gimmick to deflect the ire of users who've just suffered a crash. A digital placebo, as it were. The placebo doesn't work for me. My ire still heads straight to Redmond—maybe even a bit enhanced. But when the crash is the result of the kitty walking across the keyboard, I do cut Mr. Bill some slack. Chances are good that he didn't put the cat up to it. As a rule, cats act on their own.

I'm not sure why she was sufficiently pissed off at me to trample the keyboard the minute my back was turned, but she didn't seem at all distressed—in fact, she seemed awfully amused—when I scolded her afterwards. Maybe she simply disapproved of the subject of the post, which was the two spiders currently on my wall. Cats are uncommonly subject to jealousy, after all. Well, it's too late or me to avoid the consequences of having offended her this time. I'll just have to watch myself in the future. No posts about creatures other than the kitty when she's in the room.

Also, my congratulations to the Hilton family for using their cash to add a new layer of meaning to the old cliche money talks and bullshit walks. If Paris is really having what used to be called a nervous breakdown, and as a result of this can't spend more time in prison, then she needs to be placed in a sanitarium where she can get the proper attention she needs, from trained caregivers. But then maybe her family doesn't care what happens to her. Maybe they just don't love her. That would be too bad. Eventually, she'll probably end up getting wasted and driving her car off a cliff, or drowning in her own vomit. While it can buy you fame, and it sometimes can buy you out of prison, one of the things money can't buy is good sense.

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