rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Rantlet with hope

So, Movable Type 4 is going to have an open source version, to be made available later this year (you can download the beta of it right now. Edit: the beta version you can download now is of the standard MT4. I don't know by how much the open source version will differ.) Interesting. That will sure force Mark Pilgrim to eat his three-year-old words—or not! Meanwhile, there's no shortage of MT users who feel they've been ignored for years while the company was dealing with other projects (most notably Vox, the faux LiveJournal.) Perhaps working on projects such as Vox provided some discoveries that 6A was able to use to enhance MT4, but if so then concentrating on fixing their flagship product first would have provided some discoveries they could have used in projects such as Vox, too. And what was the big rush in getting Vox running, anyway? It isn't as though teh Internets were hurting for yet another hosted weblogging service, or as though 6A itself didn't already own two such services requiring their attention.

Ah, well. Maybe the fact that there will be an open source version of MT is a sign that 6A is coming to its senses and will make better decisions in the future. While the most recent contretemps at LJ itself doesn't suggest that a smooth transition to a new regime is underway, perhaps the company won't bite the big one anytime soon, after all. I still say they've spread themselves way too thin for what they are. But maybe that can be lived with. It's teh Internets,after all, and most of the competition isn't all that impressive, either.

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