rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, Premature Summer

I woke up with a spider in my bed today, and have no idea how such a thing could have happened. I wasn't even drunk last night! Then I saw three more spiders in other parts of the house. None of them are the cute little spiders of the sort that nest under my window every summer. They're big, mean-looking spiders—though still, of course, small enough to get smashed and become spidergoo,which is one of the most disturbing things about them. I could have rolled over on that spider in my sleep and ended up with spidergoo all over me! And could have been bitten in the meantime! The situation is distressing. If it continues, there's no telling how it might end. I could wake up in bed with Tobey Maguire!

Also, I need a different Internets connection. Dial-up was barely OK when I had my nights entirely free to use it. Now that more of my limited free time has been shifted to day, I can't connect much because the phone line is often otherwise engaged.

Late now.

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