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I must occasionally remind myself that not even the most interesting things on the Interwebs are worth the missing of a pleasant spring evening. The cat kept trying to tell me this tonight. She would hop onto the window sill and mew at me, trying to get me to look out and see what I was missing. Unfortunately, by the time I wrapped up my internautery and prepared to go out, another unexpected task intervened and I was stuck indoors until dusk had deepened almost to the point at which I couldn't see to walk about in the back yard. I managed a couple of turns nevertheless, listening to the crickets as I walked. The weather must have been just right for them this year, because they are abundant, filling the evening with their chirps.

In fact a few of them were chirping all through the bright afternoon today. These were making the soft chirps that crickets make once they've attracted a mate with their louder chirps. I heard two pairs of mating crickets in the back yard—one safely tucked away in a flower bed against the house and the other out in the wilds of the lawn where they are apt to have my giant feet clomp down on them when I'm out for my walk. Lucky for them the walk was so brief tonight. Come to think of it, maybe it was they who hypnotized me into staying so long on the Internets. Well, they'll still have to move soon. The lawn is getting very long and will have to be mowed within a few days. If they haven't taken their leave of it by then, there could be cricket bits flung hither and yon by the mower blades. Cruel reaper of insects!

Among all the cricket chirps I can still hear the loud croaking of one frog. It is somewhere up the block, and I have no idea what water source is keeping it alive and so happy. Maybe one of the irrigation district's pipes has sprung a big leak. But as far as I'm able to hear, that's the last of this year's frogs, whose songs were so noticeable a few weeks ago. The season is rushing. It feels almost summery again tonight, in fact. Having lost most of the evening to this machine, I think I'll go out and enjoy a bit of the night as compensation.

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