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The mulberry tree's foliage is getting thick enough to provide good shade to my window most of the afternoon, so I don't have to close the drapes to keep out the glare of the declining sun. There's a nice brocade of light-dappled shadow in the room for the last couple of hours before sunset. There's also warm and fragrant air, and quiet (which lasts until the kid next door gets home and begins tinkering in his garage) and, together with the light slowly flickering as the leaves are stirred by soft breezes, these provoke that irresistible seasonal languor which is so destructive of ambition. That's what I'm using for my excuse, anyway.

Now that the walnut tree is leafing out we've got more shade in the back yard, too. The atmosphere in its vicinity is much like that the mulberry produces out front. I can't avoid arboreal suggestions that I nap, wherever I go. I'm envying the cat, who lazes in her favorite afternoon spot near the rose bushes. She can succumb to the allure of the trees all she wants. I have things that must be done.

With all the natural glamour of a pleasant spring day, there was still a disturbing event this evening. A small flying insect came to a bad end in the sink. It was a tiny green creature with translucent wings, and I found it splayed and sodden on the white porcelain, like a tiny bit of art nouveau jewelry. I knew it would be too fragile to transfer to a piece of absorbent paper, so I let it stay where it was and blew gently on it to evaporate some of the damp (I've had this technique work before.) I came back later, by which time it ought to have dried completely, recovered and gone away, but it was still there and it was clearly dead. Most likely it would have soon become bird food even had it never gotten itself drowned in my sink, but I was still sad that it didn't survive.

Today's light was softened a bit by a sheer overcast which, by late afternoon, began forming into thin, patchy clouds. These then provided the canvas for a colorful sunset which painted them in shades of rose and mauve, deepening to luminous burgundy and purple. I'm hoping the clouds will stick around to enliven the night sky when the moon finally rises, which won't be until well after midnight. The nights are warming enough to make going out pleasant, though I run the risk of getting more mosquito bites. I've got three already. I hear lots of frogs, but apparently they can't keep up with this year's mosquito crop. Maybe bats will come to help them. Funny to think that the mosquitoes who drank my blood could end up feeding frogs or bats. Sort of like the frogs and bats were feeding on me. Weird.

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